Aloha Rainbow - 6 oz.



Aloha Rainbow - 12 oz.

Extra Small

12 oz.


Aloha Rainbow -16 oz.


16 oz.


Aloha Rainbow - 20 oz.


20 oz.


Aloha Rainbow - 32oz.


32 oz.


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WATERMELON, Classic Cola, Go Bananas, Juicy Cherry , Dutch Chocolate, Root Beer, Vanilla, Luscious Lemon, Lively Lime, Lemon -n-Lime, Out-of-Orbit Orange,
Goofy Grape, Crazy Coconut, Plantation Pineapple

Pacific Pleasures

Ocean Potion, Country Cantaloupe, Honeydew, >Nectarine, Honolulu Skylyte, Kiwi, Mango , Tangy Tangerine, Papaya, Guava, Black Cherry, Maraschino Cherry

Under 21

Rock-n-Roll, Blue Bubblegum, Pink Bubblegum, Banana Bubblegum, Pink Cotton Candy,
Blue Cotton Candy, Barney, Ra in bo w

Over 21 (Just Kidding - Non Alcoholic)

Pina Colada, Strawberry Colada, Fuzzy Navel, Peach Daiquiri, Banana Daiquiri,
Strawberry Daiquiri, Amaretto, Pink Champagne, Rum, Margarita, Bananas Foster, Wine Cooler

Cool Combos

Mocha, Peppermint Patty , Chocolate Covered Cherries, Peaches-n-Cream, Cherry Cola, Orange Dream, Mounds Bar, Chocolate Almond, Fruit Salad, Orange Pineapple, Tutti-Fruitti , Amaretto & Orange, Kiwi Lime, Strawberry Shortcake, Strawberry Cheesecake

The Wild Side

Jungle Juice , Tigers Blood, Passion Punch, Maui Fever, Love Potion, Temporary Insanity

How Sweet It Isn't

Sour Apple, Sour Grape, Sour Cherry, Grapefruit, Cinnamon Stick, Pink Lemonade, Green Apple

Berry Nice

Sunset Strawberry, Berry Berry Raspberry, Black Raspberry, Blue Raspberry, Cranberry, Woodsy Blackberry, , Bluer than Blueberry, Tropical Itch, Banana-Berry, South Pacific, Purple Moose


Pistachio, Butter Cream, Peanut Butter Toffee, Vanilla Bean, Butterscotch, American Apple Pie, Terrific Toffee, Spearmint Leaf, Peppermint Leaf, Columbian Coffee, Candy Apple, Georgia Peach, Wedding Cake, Cream Soda, Blue Eagle, Cappuccino, Iced Tea

Make up Your Own Flavors- Make a combination just right for YOU!!
Here are some examples:

BATMAN - (Banana/Chocolate), BLACK MAGIC - (Black Cherry/Black Rasp/Black Berry), CAKE COLLISSION - (Wedding Cake/Birthday Cake/French Vanilla), FROG GUTS - (Cherry/Lime)

Topping Options

Marshmallow, Peanuts, Sprinkles, Whipped Cream, Extra Flavor, Cherries, Strawberries, Cream, Peanut Butter


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