Aloha Snow offers the coolest summer refreshments in town. 
Hawaiian Shaved Ice, Ice Cream, Soda Floats, and of course all the toppings you could ask for!


Flavor List

Snow Cones

  • Kiddie (6 oz)
  • Extra Small (12 oz)
  • Small (16 oz)
  • Medium (20 oz)
  • Large (32 oz)
  • Party Bucket (1 GAL) *Must pre-order


*Prices will be added in the near future


Ice Cream 

We offer Beck’s Homemade Ice Cream which is made locally here, in York PA!





Of course you can’t have snow cones and ice cream without toppings! Satisfy your sweet tooth with any of the following:

Marshmallow, peanut butter marshmallow, strawberries, crushed cherries, whipped cream, sprinkles, chopped peanuts, Nerds Candy, and more!